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An Occasional Skype Episode 3: Science Fiction
16th March 2012
No Double Feature Though

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The theme tune and most of the incidental music is by John Rain.

A spin off from An Occasional Theme in which some themers meet up on an irregular basis and discuss matters of puerile fancy. John Rain (@MrJohnRain), Alex Douet (@aforaorta), Nicola Rain (@MrsNicolaRain), Dominic Graham (@CasaSunBand)and Robin Fry (@RobinMatthewFry) sit round a virtual table (via the medium of the exciting and ground breaking Skype - heard of it?)

This week we try as hard as we can to discuss Sci Fi, Star Wars and other things with "star" in the title, but get bogged down by Godzilla and Scooby Doo.

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