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Episode 16: Crime
8th April 2012
Illegal Eagles

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The theme tune and most of the incidental music is by John Rain.

This week: Crime. John Rain (@MrJohnRain) and Nicola Rain (@MrsNicolaRain) ask for help to right wrongs, Michael Spicer (@MrMichaelSpicer) tells you how to call 999 (if you really think it's necessary), James Gill (@Jagsnorbens)has details of the latest Fred Dineage crime series, Richie Brown (@Whiffytidings) goes behind the scenes at a police station, John Rain (again) decides to fight crime, Brian Edwards (@BrianfTang) interviews a member of the special squad, Richie Brown (again) talks about the riots of 2011, Alex Douet (@AforAorta) enjoys the novelty of a serious crime, Alex Capitani (@Gadgetfingers) explains why Dominion 3D from Never Say Never Again has turned to crime, Robin Fry (@RobinMatthewFry) runs through the list of names for a criminal enterprise and Dominic Graham (@CasaSunBand) conducts a police interview like no other.

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