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Episode 2: Vitriol
13th November 2011
This week we all vent our spleens in your general direction. With hilarious consequences.

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The theme tune and most of the incidental music is by John Rain.

An angry week at An Occasional Theme, in which Richard Price exposes us to road rage, James Gill reminds us about Mick Hucknall, John Rain tears apart Retroism, Alex Douet volunteers New Media types to go first against the wall, Brian Edwards delivers an inspired speech over the intercom, Richie Brown irritates a man from the past, George Hamilton (channelled by Alex Capitani) explains what is wrong with modern day vampires and Roisin Rai *sighs*. Contributors (in order of appearance): Richard Price (@richardp1975), James Gill (@jagsnorbens), Dominic Graham (@CasaSunBand) with words from Tony Cowards (@TonyCowards), John Rain (@MrJohnRain), Alex Douet (@aforaorta), Brian Edwards (@brianftang), Richie Brown (@whiffytidings), Alex Capitani (@gadgetfingers), and Roisin Rae (@roisinrae). Theme tune and most incidental music by John Rain.

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